Vuse Pod Not Working? Common Causes and Fixes (2024)

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Make your vape pod work again in no time with these easy fixes

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1Low battery

2Faulty pod connection

3Clogged airway

4Empty Vuse pod

5Multiple rapid puffs

6Old or damaged power unit

7Defective Vuse pod

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Last Updated: February 12, 2024Fact Checked

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If your Vuse cartridge all of a sudden isn’t working, it could mean there’s something wrong with the pod or power unit. While a dead battery or loose connection are usually to blame, there are a few other potential reasons why your Vuse is not pulling. Keep reading our helpful guide, and we’ll help you troubleshoot the problem and fix your Vuse.

Things You Should Know

  • Plug your Vuse device in and make sure it’s fully charged before taking a puff.
  • Clean the pod and power unit’s battery connections with a dry cloth. Take the pod out and blow through it to remove clogs or buildup.
  • Replace the Vuse pod if it’s empty or damaged. Get a new power unit if it has cracks or leaks, or if it doesn’t charge.
  1. A low battery prevents your Vuse from fully heating up. If the power unit on your Vuse doesn’t have a lot of charge left, you may not pull any vapor from it. Your Vuse may also blink multiple times or flash red to signal that the battery is almost dead.[1]

    • The Fix: Charge your Vuse power unit until it has a full charge or the light turns green.
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Faulty pod connection

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  1. Your Vuse pod won’t get any power if the connection is loose. If your Vuse pod wobbles or doesn’t feel secure, it won’t connect properly to the power unit. It may also mean the battery contacts have dust or debris preventing a strong connection.[2]

    • The Fix: Take the Vuse pod out from the power unit and wipe the battery contacts with a clean, dry cloth. Place the pod back in tightly.
    • If the pod still doesn’t work or fit securely in the power unit, then try a different pod.


Clogged airway

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  1. A clog can prevent your Vuse pod from pulling. Whenever dust or other debris gets lodged inside of the pod’s mouthpiece, it could block the airway and not pull any vapor.[3]

    • The Fix: Take the Vuse pod out and wipe it with a dry cloth. Then, gently blow into it to dislodge the buildup. If there’s still buildup, use a toothpick or safety pin to scoop it out.
    • Vuse pods come with plastic caps you’re able to put on top to prevent debris from getting inside it.
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Empty Vuse pod

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  1. Your Vuse won’t make vapor when the liquid is too low. When a Vuse pod is empty, it’ll heat up but you won’t pull any vapor.[4] Check if the tank is empty or look for a flashing light after taking a puff to determine if the liquid is low.[5]

    • The Fix: Take out the old Vuse pod and insert a new one.
    • If you pull from your Vuse and it tastes burnt, it’s another sign the tank may be empty.[6]


Multiple rapid puffs

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  1. Chain vaping may make your Vuse automatically turn off. When you pull for longer than 5 seconds on most models of Vuse pens, it immediately shuts down. If you’re taking a lot of puffs right after one another, your vape could stop working so it doesn’t overheat.[7]

    • The Fix: Take short, slow puffs from your vape and wait a few seconds in between each one.
    • Taking multiple quick pulls from a Vuse may also give the vapor a burnt flavor.[8]
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Old or damaged power unit

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  1. Old or broken power units may not heat the vape liquid properly. If you notice that your power unit doesn’t hold a charge, then there’s a problem with the Vuse’s internal components. Cracks, leaks, and other damage to the power unit can also prevent it from working.[9]

    • The Fix: Get a new power unit that works properly and insert your Vuse pod.
    • If the power unit feels warmer than usual when you try using it, remove the pod or cartridge.


Defective Vuse pod

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  1. A manufacturing defect can prevent a Vuse pod from pulling. On some rare occasions, Vuse pods come defective out of the box. If no other fixes worked, then there’s most likely a problem with the pod.[10]

    • The Fix: Use a different Vuse pod on your power unit.
    • Contact 1-877-614-VUSE (8873) and let them know your issue to see if you can get a replacement.
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      • Vuse power units are made so you cannot access the battery. Avoid taking apart your Vuse to repair it so you don’t injure yourself or damage the components.[11]


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